New X-Men #116

By: Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely  


Quite Frankly, Genius: The Art Of Vincent Deighan!

Vincent Deighan - better known as Frank Quitely (All-Star Superman, The Authority, Batman & Robin, New X-Men etc.) - before becoming a comics superstar, made his name on the Judge Dredd Megazine co-creating Missionary Man - the story of a corrupt ex-Texas City Judge who has found religion, and is determined to spread the word to the godless heathens of the Cursed Earth, with his own brand of Justice and huge twin Colt Widowmaker 5000 revolvers! - the first of many such collaborations with fellow Scotsmen..

  • Salvation At the Last Chance Saloon (Meg2.29,29May’93)
  • A Town Called Intolerance (Meg2.30,12Jun’93)
  • Bad Moon Rising (Megs2.50-55,1Apr-10Jun’94).All written with script droid Robbie Morrison.

Quitely also drew a couple of issues of Shimura - the former Hondo-Cit Judge-Inspector turned ronin, and co-created his young female protege Rookie Judge, now full Judge-Inspector Inaba.

  • Shimura (Megs2.37-29,18Sep-10Oct’93). Robbie Morrison(w).
  • Babes With Big Bazookas (Meg3.21,1Sep’96). Morrison(w)

Although only responsible for these few episodes, Quitely's spectacular art will never be forgotten by readers of the Megazine, and his obvious talent was recognised by the mainstream U.S. market, leading him to illustrate such major titles as Superman, Batman and the X-Men.

  • Quitely returned to celebrate 20 years of the Megazine with a fabulous new Inaba cover (Meg301,14Sep’10).

You can see more of the fan-favourite artist at work in a fascinating documentary What Do Artists Do All Day? on the BBC i-Player.

Warning!! This documentary finishes on the i-Player today!



Frank Quitely portrays his and Robbie Morrison’s Shimura - as appeared in the Judge Dredd Megazine - from the UKCAC93 booklet.

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Frank Quitely for 2000AD.

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Grant Morrison’s Multiversity 2013.

Be there.

Woooooahhhhhh what

2013’s come and gone and I’m still here waiting.

Frank Quitely is my sailor husband and he’s still out to sea. And the sea is Mark Millar. And the boat is Mark Millar’s boat that’s made of movie money and held together by hatred.

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Endless Saturday: Destiny by Frank Quitely